In today’s world, successful social-impact leaders must value innovation and efficiency while at the same time fostering an inclusive work environment that ensures every member of our workforce is able to contribute fully to the shared enterprise. To that end, the Alliance and American Express® will host a unique virtual conference experience that will build cultural competency and critical thinking around workforce trends in the nonprofit sector.

Participants of Elevate are eligible to earn an e-Certificate in Workforce Trends and Equity that may be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile and other digital platforms.


We are so glad you will be taking this journey with us! We are excited about the opportunity to learn with and from you. Thank you again to American Express® for underwriting the cost of this conference so that the registration fee is not a barrier to those who want to learn and grow with us.


All social-impact leaders are welcome from the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Three or more attendees from an organization receive 20% off general admission (not applicable to CNP students).

CNP Students

For learners seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential who are attending Elevate as a requirement of the CNP.

Days   20+ Speakers   50+ DEI Resources
Leaders will participate in three days of timely and engaging programming all focused on moving the equity needle. This virtual conference experience includes a combination of live programming (keynote addresses and chatrooms) as well as many recorded sessions available on-demand. You will build critical leadership skills and gain access to resources that will benefit you and your organization today and for years to come. Our nationally-recognized thought leaders will challenge your assumptions in a good way, providing you with many resources and tools that you can continue accessing well after the conference is over. All live sessions include a Q/A session, providing the opportunity for you to add your voice and thoughts to the discussions. The online repository includes more than 50 resources that will help you as you build your equity strategy. In addition, there are many opportunities for resource sharing, including the Equity Expo – an exhibition where organizations share lessons learned from their equity journeys. Even better, you will continue to have access to these resources long after the conference ends!


Thank you to American Express® for underwriting the cost of this conference so that the registration fee is not a barrier to those who want to learn and grow with us.


Elevate is a program of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and it is powered by Leaderosity (an online learning platform with a goal of democratizing leadership training by providing highly-engaging and effective online leadership development courses at a lower cost of time and money for comparable in-person experiences).

Since 1948, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance has worked to strengthen the social sector with a talented, prepared workforce. Its Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is the only national nonprofit management certification in the U.S. The Alliance system, which includes nearly 40 colleges and universities, 15 national nonprofit partners, 2,000 local nonprofits, and more than 10,000 CNPs, is the largest network in the country working to build a talent pipeline for the social sector.