The Leader’s Guide to Social Equity

The Leader’s Guide to Social Equity

Course Starts: December 17, 2019
Course Runs: 3 weeks
Course Cost: $180

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Whether you are C-suite or early in your career, cultural competency is an essential skill that will bolster your success as a leader. This equity lens allows you to foster meaningful relationships with the many stakeholders (volunteers, donors, community members and so on) that are critical to your organization’s mission and impact.

This three-week, self-guided course will:

  • Enhance your understanding of equity and bias
  • Discover your equity journey and create an action plan to continue your personal development.
  • Gain awareness of the structural/systemic barriers that hinder equity
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how advancing equity can increase the effectiveness of your organization
  • Explore strategies for aligning nonprofit practice with social equity objectives

You will leave the course armed with a toolkit of resources that will benefit you today and for decades to come. Participants who complete all course requirements are eligible for the e-Certificate in Social Equity (a digital badge that may be uploaded to LinkedIn and other digital platforms).


A Virtual Conference on Workforce Trends and Equity

In today’s world, successful social-impact leaders must value innovation and efficiency while at the same time fostering an inclusive work environment that ensures every member of our workforce is able to contribute fully to the shared enterprise. To that end, the Alliance and American Express will host a unique virtual conference experience that will build cultural competency and critical thinking around workforce trends in the nonprofit sector.


Conference Overview

  • To cultivate critical thinking about shifting workforce trends and their implementation in the nonprofit sector.
  • To build the cultural competency of the individual leaders in attendance, the organizations where those leaders are employed, and the nonprofit sector overall.
  • To promote a lens of equity for analysis and decision making related to workforce trends.
  • Workforce trends
  • Equity
  • 4 live keynote addresses
  • 2 live townhall discussions
  • 14 on-demand workshops
  • Chatrooms
  • Resource Library
  • Two Movie Nights
  • Foundations in Equity
  • Racial Equity
  • Equitable Hiring and Recruitment Policies
  • Allies
  • Unconscious Bias
  • The Gender Divide
  • Putting DEI into Practice
  • Building a 21st Century Workforce
  • The Evolution of Training and Development
  • The Role of AI and Digital in HR and Management
  • Shifting Demographics
  • Key Workforce Trends
  • The Five Generation Workforce
  • People Analytics: Key Steps to Develop Data-Driven HR and Effective Teams
  • Attend all four keynotes
  • Attend one or more panel discussion/town hall meeting
  • Attend 3 or more workshops
  • Participate in 2 discussion groups
  • Complete work plan


Cost to Attend






General Admission   Group Discount   CNP Students
All social-impact leaders are welcome from public, private and nonprofit sectors.   Three or more attendees from an organization receive 20% off general admission (not applicable to those using Elevate for their CNP credential).   For learners seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential who are attending Elevate as a requirement of the CNP.
The next conference will start on June 10-12, 2020.