CEO, Lively Paradox

Nicole Price gets it.

She understands that if leadership is anything, it is personal, and that everyone can be a great leader — everyone can lead his or her own, whole life. So she gets personal. Nicole’s transparency allows others to learn from her mistakes and helps them avoid the same pitfalls. She gets real. She will tell you, yes, having differences within a team can be harder, but that hard work can really pay off — both professionally and personally.  And she gets wise. She’ll tell you, in a heartbeat, how she’s gotten a few things wrong over the years, but a little grace and some solid coaching saved her. 

Can you make mistakes and still be an awesome leader? Is it possible to lead effectively with so many personalities on one team? Can you genuinely lead people and still have a decent life and energy left to live it? If you ask Nicole, the answer is absolutely yes.

Through leadership development, coaching, consulting, keynotes, and other resources, Nicole encourages and enables others to live their lives in excellence. Her energetic and engaging sessions leave participants with strategies and specific tools that they can apply right away. Her lively presentation style garners rave reviews and, very often, an invitation to return.

Nicole received her B.S. in chemical engineering from North Carolina A&T University, her master’s degree in adult education from Park University, and her doctorate in leadership and management from Capella University. For more information about Nicole and Lively Paradox programs, please visit

Keynote: Diversity & Inclusion: An Authentic Perspective 

: Homogeneous teams rarely exist let alone produce exceptional results. However, difference on teams consistently causes heartache. In fact, leaders profess that personality conflicts and differences consistently get in the way of them leading successfully. The paradox is that organizations are working diligently to increase the levels of diversity in their workplaces because they understand that it plays a vital role in achieving successful results. The outcome? Dissatisfaction is at an all-time high and most people want to avoid having the tough conversations necessary to move the needle forward.

Solution: In order for an authentic, effective, and sustainable shift to occur, policy makers and leaders must demonstrate a willingness to embrace and invest in ALL three functional dimensions of culturally responsive leadership.

  • Institutional dimension – This dimension emphasizes the need for reform of the institutional disproportionality that influences regulations, affects the organizations policies & procedures, and shapes the decision making related to allocation of funds and resources.
  • Personal dimension – This dimension refers to the process by which we interact with each other on a daily basis and learn to become culturally responsive. It is the growth and stretch dimension that helps us build bridges to the other two dimensions.
  • Leadership dimension – This dimension refers to the practices and challenges associated with implementing culturally responsiveness in organizations.

Focusing on the personal dimension, Lively Paradox is a program that takes the most difficult part of diversity conversations to a personal level. This work occurs in private settings where they should be. Helping people acknowledge the real truth, that we all have unconscious biases, is not successfully accomplished in group settings. For this reason, we focus on using post work and virtual options to handle the most tender parts of the conversation and allow private time for reflection which is one of the best ways for adults to make sense of the role they play in creating the workplace culture and climate.