Virtual conferences are a powerful tool transforming the way people connect and collaborate online. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance appreciates your interest in this topic and is pleased you will be participating in this unique virtual conference. By leveraging technology, we are aiming to bring more voices, perspectives, and ideas to this important discussion. While offering a conference virtually has many benefits, we also recognize there are also many limitations. To that end, we want to set some expectations and ground rules for the conference environment to make sure that everyone feels they can safely participate. By registering, you will be agreeing to:

  1. Treat attendees with dignity and respect, supporting a variety of opinions.
  2. Listen to understand, assume positive intent, and avoid assumptions.
  3. Be mindful of your own assumptions, thoughts, and emotions.
  4. Understand your purpose for the conversation.
  5. Recognize that individual experience and group experience may differ and be open to learning about others’ viewpoints.
  6. Maintain confidentiality.
  7. Remember that tone and content can be misinterpreted in remote communication.

Attendees must observe netiquette at all times.

For more information on netiquette, go to the following link: