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Lucy Adams
Disruptive HR

Session: HR Disrupted: It’s Time for Something Different
Lisa Brown Alexander
Nonprofit HR

Session: Building a 21st Century Workforce
Jeanne Allen
Jeanne Allen Consulting
Session: Machine Learning, Biased Algorithms and Data, Oh my!
Beck Bailey
Deputy Director of Employee Engagement
Human Rights Campaign
Session: Reaching for the Rainbow: Creating an LGBTQ-Inclusive Workforce 
Karl Colasante
Health Industries Director
Session: The Workforce of the Future
Susan Danish
CEO/Executive Director
Association of Junior Leagues International
Session: Artificial Intelligence from A.I. to Z
Roy Dockery
Vice President, Customer Care
Swisslog Healthcare
Session: Technology and HR Management
Monique Ellington
Director, Equity & Community Strategy
Service Year Alliance
Session: Equitable Hiring and Recruitment Practice;
Live Chatroom #3
Debbie Espinosa, CNP
President & CEO
FIND Food Bank
Session: Developing DEI Partners and Allies through Inclusion
Kim Fountain
Chief Operating Officer
Center on Halsted
Session: The Gender Divide; Live Chatroom #2
Karen Friedman
Manager for Access and Ability
YMCA of the USA
Session: Disability Awareness and Trends
Billy Linstead Goldsmith
Fair Trade Campaigns
Session: Making Equity Part of Your Mission
Michael Gonzales
Consultant, Speaker & Co-Founder
Diversity & Inclusion Consortium
Session: Facts vs. Misperceptions: Understanding Your Implicit Bias and Its Impact
Jaye Hobart
Grants and Project Manager
Woods Fund Chicago
Session: Making Equity Part of Your Mission
Thomas Hudson
Policy Associate
Biden Foundation
Session: Diversity Without Inclusion Is not Effective
Ellen Kahn
Director, Children Youth and Families Program
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Session: Shifting Demographics
Mary Morten
Morten Group
Session: Making Equity Part of Your Mission
Chad Nico Hiu
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
YMCA of the USA
Session: Foundations of Equity
Rhodes Perry
Founder + CEO
Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC
Session: Belonging at Work: Everyday Actions You Can Take; Live Chatroom #4
Lauren Reyes
District Executive Director
Y in Central Maryland
Session: The Multigenerational Workforce
Jessica Rojas
Manager, Diversity & Inclusion
YMCA of the USA
Session: The Multigenerational Workforce
Susan T. Schmidt, CNP
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Session: The Evolution of Training and Development; Live Chatroom #3
Sachi Shenoy
Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer
Upaya Social Ventures
Session: Disability Awareness and Trends
Michael Simpson
President & CEO
Paririn, Inc
Session: Technology and HR Management
Sean Thomas-Breitfeld
Building Movement Project
Session: Race to Lead; Live Chatroom #1